HR Policy

Kuanta knows that success is achieved by hiring and retaining exceptional personnel. Kuanta continually strives to be an employer of choice, and to create an environment where our employees – our greatest asset – can fulfill their job responsibilities while at the same time finding professional fulfillment. Our Human Resources department is committed to the following principles:

  • Observing the rules of professional ethics,
  • Establishing and sustaining Kuanta's reputation,
  • Advancing the strategic goals and interests of our company,
  • Embracing a "Participatory Management Approach,"
  • Fostering in-house communication,
  • Acknowledging that the quality of goods and services is a product of employee quality,
  • Maintaining a workplace culture of mutual trust and respect where all employees feel valued,
  • Welcoming applications from all qualified candidates as an equal opportunity employer,
  • Responding to the changing needs of employees and management,
  • Paying special attention to the human factor and training,
  • Organizing social, cultural and educational activities to enrich and reward Kuanta’s distinguished team.

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