Environmental Health and Safety Policy

The safety and well-being of our employees and all personnel working on our projects is our top priority.

 Kuanta is committed to maintaining an accident- and injury-free environment throughout our organization, and to running all operations in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. Our approach is to make safety personal to each of us and embrace it as a way of life such that no injury is acceptable and safety is not optional. We value and respect every worker. Performing work in a manner that presents risk of injury is not how we conduct business. All injuries are preventable when safety becomes an everyday personal value. It is the primary responsibility of everyone involved in each project to strive for accident-free execution and to eliminate any potential for loss of life, injury, property damage, or lost time due to unsafe working conditions. We believe that only when all personnel return to their homes and families safely every day can the project be successful.

 Kuanta believes that how we care for the environment today affects both current and future generations.  We pledge to do our best to maintain awareness and minimize adverse environmental impact from construction operations.

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