An experienced U.S. Department of Defense contractor and prequalified NATO, UN and U.S. Department of State Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) contractor, Kuanta achieves successful project delivery with a client-focused approach, effective planning and positioning, skillful team building, and proactive execution.


We instill confidence in our clients by acting as the single point of responsibility, offering fully customizable packages from concept to operation, and creating open and trusting working relationships by emphasizing communication and coordination.


Each project presents unique challenges. We perform detailed research and risk assessments before developing project plans to assure the client of timely, reliable performance.

With offices in Turkey, Qatar, Iraq and the U.S., Kuanta is positioned to mobilize rapidly, even in harsh environments. Our personnel are experienced working in developing countries, insecure regions, and war zones. Moreover, Kuanta has connections with local suppliers, service providers, transporters and employment agencies worldwide. Our adept logistics and human resources teams are ready to leverage these connections to provide prompt support.


Kuanta maintains strong ties with leading international designers and manufacturers as well as local subcontractors, enabling us to identify synergies and create the most advantageous team for each project. Kuanta ensures that all team partners commit senior personnel from the outset. Applying our “one-team approach,” we achieve team integration by facilitating open communication and close coordination among all stakeholders.


For Kuanta, successful project execution hinges on a flexible and proactive project management style. We have standardized this approach in our Project Execution Plan (PEP), which serves to:

  • describe project procedures and decision-making strategies, identify duties, and outline communication processes,
  • manage project activities and fulfill RFP requirements,
  • delineate project scope and objectives to enable a unified approach to project design, construction and management,
  • highlight project challenges and define procedures to identify, isolate, mitigate, manage, and solve problems,
  • name and describe team members and their responsibilities,
  • guide design, schedule, cost, quality, logistics, security, safety, construction, start-up, commissioning and close-out.


Utilities & Infrastructure

  • Highways & Railways
  • Electrical Infrastructure & Distribution
  • Potable/Waste Water Lines & Treatment Plants
  • Multi-Purpose Vertical & Horizontal Construction

Commercial Buildings

  • Hospitality, Sports & Healthcare Facilities
  • Factories

Specialty Construction

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Deep Foundations

Construction Management

  • Master Plan & Project Development
  • Risk Analysis
  • Design-Build, BOT, PPP, Integrated Project Delivery
A dynamic, multidisciplinary construction company, Kuanta has the knowledge and experience to deliver reliable construction solutions.

Place: Incirlik / Adana / Turkey
Role: Prime Subcontractor
Place: Southern Operational Centre, Taranto, Italy
Role: Prime Contractor
Place: Incirlik / Adana / Turkey
Role: Prime Contractor
Place: Mafia Island, Tanzania
Role: Prime Contractor
Place: Mafia Island, Tanzania
Role: Prime Contractor
Place: Doha, Qatar
Role: Subcontractor
Place: Ankara, Turkey
Role: Prime Contractor
Place: Taji Air Base, Iraq
Role: Subcontractor
Place: Taji Air Base, Iraq
Role: Subcontractor
Place: Turkish Air Force Headquarters, Ankara, Turkey
Role: Prime Contractor

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