Mission, Vision & Ethics


KUANTA Construction builds strong and lasting relationships with clients to ensure their complete satisfaction throughout and beyond the design and construction experience.

KUANTA Construction delivers high-quality, cost-effective, expertly-managed turnkey design, construction and integration services on time and on budget. We provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind by being thorough, responsive, and flexible in all aspects of our work.

KUANTA Construction values integrity. Our practices are reliable and our conduct legal and ethical. We are a trusted partner to our clients and a responsible member of the communities in which we live and work.

KUANTA Construction’s employees are our most important resource. We recruit, develop and retain individuals who possess the skill and character necessary to maintain a dynamic corporate culture driven by quality, innovation and safety. We then provide our personnel with the most effective tools and technologies to develop solutions and deliver superior service to our clients.


KUANTA Construction aims to be the first choice of the customer by harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its depth of experience to contribute to a better quality of life for humanity.


An international, world-class construction and­­ engineering company, Kuanta is committed to conduct all business in accordance with the following standards.

Client Service

The principles of honesty, integrity, openness, and objectivity guide our work. We perform with care, skill and diligence, observe all applicable standards, laws and regulations, and protect the interests of our clients.


Our personnel possess the necessary education, training, professional experience and technical skill to perform each assignment. We carefully select assignments and designate personnel to ensure successful project delivery, and we participate in fair competition only.

Standards of Practice

Our services are furnished in a manner consistent with the established and accepted standards of the profession and the laws and regulations governing its practice.

Conflicts of Interest

We vigilantly avoid conflicts of interest and fully disclose any interest that may compromise our objectivity or integrity.

Fair Compensation

All negotiations with clients proceed in accordance with our Client Service standard. We establish a fair basis for compensation, determining fees and expenses that are appropriate to the service provided as well as the responsibilities and risks we assume.

Release of Information

We safeguard all confidential documents and information, and protect the proprietary interests of our clients and professional colleagues.


Within our company and in the performance of our services, we prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. We comply with all laws, statutes and regulations regarding non-discrimination.

Integrity of Profession

We uphold the standards of our profession with honor and dignity. We strive continually to develop our professional knowledge, experience, skills and competency, and also to advance the practice of our profession by fostering research, education and the achievements of fellow practitioners.

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